White Ocean Racing

Reports 29 November

29 November - Fast 24 hour time.

Audio Clip courtesy Trigone/VendeeGlobe

29 November - Audio report - Fast run in an old boat.

Conditions are quite changeable at the moment, the winds are all over the shop! I didn't know anything about [my top 24-hour run] until a friend sent me a very cryptic email, saying 300 something or other, and that he'd done two laps of the living room, so I took it that meant it was a fairly respectable 24-hour time, other than that I had no idea! When we're going downwind [Toe in the Water] is still a light boat and quite wide, so it's not that bad. The problem is upwind and in the light, where we've only got a very short mast, no daggerboards, no canting keel, nothing like that so the new boats walk over us. But when it starts to blow hard from just a bit behind the beam then we don't do so bad.

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