White Ocean Racing

Reports 1, 2 December

1 December - Newswire report - Steve completes his penalty.

Steve White completed his 30-minute penalty yesterday evening at 20h04 UTC. Like several other competitors, he was given the penalty by the International Jury for passing a buoy on the wrong side shortly after the start from Les Sables d'Olonne. The penalty consisted of declaring a fixed position, sailing through it and then returning to the same position 30 minutes later.

2 December - Race Status.

Early in the day, Steve was overtaken by both Bernard Stamm (Cheminées Poujoulat) and Jonny Malbon (Artemis) but by the end of the day passed Artemis. Steve is now 18th out of 25.

2 December - Fast and refreshed.

Audio Clip courtesy Trigone/VendeeGlobe

2 December - Newswire report - Fast and refreshed.

Steve White, GBR, (Toe in the Water): "It is lovely and warm during the day, cold at night, high cirrus clouds, 11-12 knots of breeze, full mainsail and spinnaker and just lashing a few things down before we get more wind later. " "We are expecting sort of 30 knots or so, so that is a reasonable amount of wind. I enjoy 30-35-40 knots, wind behind the beam and it is great in this boat. I did a lot of sailing through the winter at home in England, Weymouth to Cherbourg in four hours door-to-door and things like that. I am used to it, quite comfortable with the boat, but it does get very, very, very wet on deck. That is the only thing." White's maximum solo spell to date has been 22 days, which he now exceeds: "The thing with the OSTAR and the Transat, is that I was always just getting into my groove and suddenly you are in Rhode Island. If I hadn't have had my family waiting for me I think I would have turned right around and headed home again. I am getting into my groove. A funny thing happened this morning, it was the first time I have been in my sleeping bag because it is colder, I woke up at seven o'clock and I woke up and felt absolutely as fresh as a daisy. It is the first time I have felt not tired in probably a year, and so I feel like I have gone over the threshold and am back to my old self and am quite happy."

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