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Reports 18 January

18 January - Newswire reports - Not far to the Horn.

Steve White, GBR, (Toe in the Water) is sailing at reduced speeds as he makes his final 430 miles towards Cape Horn for the first time. White reported yesterday that his mainsail headboard car had parted company with the sail and is stuck at the top spreaders. He will wait until the sea state improves and the winds drop before attempting to retrieve it, but meantime he is still making a regular eight to nine knots average.

Steve will become a 'Cape Horner' probably on Monday afternoon or evening on his 13 years vintage Open 60 Toe in the Water. White has been making mental plans for the next four years to try and ensure that the next time he goes around Cape Horn he is with the leading pack on a faster, more modern boat.

18 January - All Balls and Cars.

Audio Clip courtesy Trigone/VendeeGlobe

18 January - Newsflash - Masthead car becomes detached.

Steve reported in todays audio clip that the masthead car had come detached from the mainsail and has stuck at the top of the mast. The mainsail is attached to the mast by series of small trolleys or cars that run in in a track in the mast. To reduce friction when raising or lowering the sail, the cars run on a number of recirculating ball bearings Steve has had to lower the mainsail and disassemble all the lower sail cars, releasing dozens of ball bearings in the process, so that he could fit a replacement top car. Then he had to re-assemble and refit all the lower cars and their balls. A daunting job in the confused seas he is currently in.

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