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Steve in Boston
Steve in the Vendee Globe
Steve in the Vendee Globe
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Steve's Vendee Globe audio reports.

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28 October - At the Vendee Globe launch in Paris.

At this stage Steve does not have a major sponsor and may not be able to compete.

2 November - The rush to prepare the boat.

Steve has an as yet, unannounced sponsor and money is now available. A three month refit now has to be done in three weeks.

4 November - Steve's wife, Kim reflects on the tough task of getting him to the start of the Vendee Globe.

4 November - The official launch of Steve's boat as Toe in the Water .

4 November - Steve's appreciation of all the support he has received.

9 November - Race day - Just before the start.

12 November - First Broadcast from Toe in the Water.

14 November - Settling down at sea.

19 November - Talking about the family.

21 November - The job list is getting shorter.

24 November - Steve crosses the Equator for the first time.

27 November - Toe in the Water moves up one place.

29 November - Fast 24 hour progress.

02 December - Fast and refreshed.

05 December - Code 5 lost at sea.

07 December - Learning the Southern Ocean.

09 December - How long does bread last?.

12 December - Loss of Code 5 slows progress.

18 December - Major pilot repairs.

20 December - Crash tacks and pilots.

26 December - Christmas Gooseneck Problems.

27 December - Good progress despite Gooseneck Problems.

30 December - Gooseneck repair plan.

31 December - Sailing towards Australia - Uncooperative pilot.

2 January - Progress once again.

5 January - Pleasantly wiggly progress.

7 January - In the high.

9 January - The wind returns and the jobs are done.

13 January - The Bat Cave heads for the Horn.

14 January - Preparation for the approaching storm.

16 January - Plans for the future.

18 January - All balls and cars.

20 January - Rounding Cape Horn.

23 January - Upwind up the Alantic.

25 January - Technical sailing.

28 January - Headwind, no wind and Laundry the old seafarer's way.

30 January - Frustration of the South Atlantic.

1 February - The Doldrumologist at work.

3 February - All wind and sails.

5 February - A day in the life of Toe in the Water.

8 February - Toe in the Water crosses the equator.

10 February - Planning the course to the finish.

15 February - Will the weather cooperate?.

17 February - Wayward winds and deaf ships.

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