White Ocean Racing

13 May - Progress.

Steve White's northern option pays off.

The Spirit of Weymouth moved into 11th place, benefiting from more wind than Aviva and Pakea Bizkaia 2009. Northernmost skipper in the fleet, Steve White sails in stronger breeze (15 knots against 10 further South).

Steve's second update.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to write this as I was rudely awoken by the boat broaching - broaching for the uninitiated is where a nice downwind sail suddenly becomes an upwind one due to the action of a larger than average wave or gust spinning the boat around - the boat usually falls on it's side a bit and all the sails flap. This was a mild one by my standards, but it was enough to wake me!

Downstairs at the chart table it's shorts weather. My green mascot that the boys bought me called Gruffy (a green and fluffy monster) is safely wedged in behind one of the electric fans at the chart table. I put him there because I thought "I won't need the fans, it'll be the heater I'll want" but I was wrong - with the engine on to charge the batteries and the sun blazing in through the windows it's like an oven downstairs. To have brilliant sunshine and downwind sailing is really unusual. On the last occasions I have done this trip the skies have been cloudy, rainy but more usually foggy, and we have very definitely been going upwind! I am not complaining however!

I feel a bit better now I am not at the back any more, I just have to wait for my opportunity to get South when I can without losing any places, but am in such a nice band of stronger winds here it seems a shame to waste it by diving south. There's plenty of time left yet, here's still a long way to go.........

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