White Ocean Racing

June 2 - Return from the Artemis Transat.

Well, everything has nearly come full circle, we have had the prizegiving, I have slept in a normal bed for a few days, and now after a very short turn around we are on the way home again. I am writing this from off the coast of Massachusetts near the Fundian Channel, which is where we are aiming for, as this channel drains the entire coastline and as such will push us down towards the Gulf Stream which going in this direction is our conveyor belt home rather than an obstacle!.

For the trip back I have some company. A friend of mine called Sam who has done a bit of sailing with me over the past few years is here to take some of the strain of the trip back - I am still quite tired after the race, and I have had very minor surgery on my finger which I am trying to keep clean and dry - not the easiest of tasks out here! Anyway, here's hoping for a speedy and stress free passage back to the UK.

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